SKATCO Pots and Pans Organizer Metal Pan Organizer Rack Pantry & Kitchen Cabinet Organizer Heavy Duty Lids, Dishes, Pot and Pan Organizer Horizontal & Vertical Pot Rack with 3 Use Methods

SKATCO Pots and Pans Organizer The Simple and Smart Solution for Extra Cabinet and Kitchen Space

Do you own a lot of dishes, but are running out of cabinet space to store them in? Looking for a way to make your kitchen and your cabinets be a bit cleaner and more organized? If the answer is yes, then our pots and pans organizer is just what youve been looking for! With its sturdy metal design, it requires no tools for installation and takes only seconds to setup. Its able to hold all of your pots, pans, lids, and even cutting boards with complete ease thanks to its pan racks U shape design.

3 Methods of Storage

This pan organizer rack features a unique and intelligent space saving design that allows you to store your pots, pans, and lids in 3 unique ways. First, you can lay it flat horizontally and have all 8 of its racks placed upright. Second, you can place it vertically against a wall and have all 8 racks slotted into its open side. Finally, you can have it sit openly on your counter or in your cabinet and divide the 8 racks on both of its sides.

Smart and Durable Design

Being made entirely from high-grade metal, our pots and pans organizer can be filled up completely without breaking or bending from the weight, no matter which storage method you chose. It also features rubber feet to prevent slipping and rubber grips on the racks to keep all your pots, pans, and lids securely in place.

Need more reasons to choose us?

For more storage space, you purchase 4 more of our non-slip racks by adding them to your cart during checkout. Giving you a total of 12 racks for all your storage needsCabinet organizer measures 15 x 20.5 x 8.3 when using both sides and 15 x 11 x 8.3 when using just 1 side

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Product Features

  • HEAVY-DUTY CONSTRUCTION Our pan rack has been crafted using premium-quality and incredibly durable metal, so it can be filled without shaking or bending. Its also incredibly stable with our added anti-slip rubber on its feet and racks.
  • AMPLE STORAGE SPACE With 8 anti-slip racks that can be placed split on both sides or all on one side of our cabinet organizers, youll have plenty of space to store all your pans & lids. Add our 4 extra shelves to your cart for even more storage!
  • 3 DIY USE METHODS To organize your cabinet, our pot lid organizer has been designed to let you organize your pots, pans, and lids in 3 ways. Use it vertically with the racks on both sides or all on one side, or with it laying down to dry dishes.
  • PERFECT FOR PANS, POTS, & LIDS Thanks to the smart U shape design of our pot and pan lid holders shelves, it can hold all your pots, pans, cutting boards, and lids with ease. Its also quick and easy to put together with no tools necessary.
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEED This item comes with SKATCOS WARRANTY. If youre not 100% satisfied with your pot organizer, simply contact our customer support within 1-year of purchase for a new replacement or full refund. No questions asked!

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