Homemade Mother’s Day gifts Mom will love

Many moms would be delighted to receive a wine rack like this. (Jose Mendoza/)
Mother’s Day is coming up, and you’re probably looking for a way to show Mom how much you appreciate her. Homemade gifts go a long way in that department, but if you’re older than seven, you’re going to have to do better than a macaroni “painting” of your family.

Each of these five projects can come together easily in a weekend, leaving you enough time to pick a lovely wildflower bouquet or bake a cake in time for the holiday.

Bath bombs

Give the gift of tiny bath explosions. (Mandy Jansen/Flickr/)
It’s hard to beat a nice long soak after a tough day; bath bombs make tub time a little more interesting. Buy the natural ingredients in bulk and you can make sure Mom has enough fragrant fizz to fill a dozen or more baths. Follow this link for the recipe. >>


In Memoji world, all skins are silky smooth and acne-free—no moisturizer required. (Harry Guinness /)
Some moms are technologically savvy, and others, well, are not. If your matriarch has only recently discovered GIF reactions, you may want to absolutely blow her mind by making her a Memoji that looks just like her. Just be ready for her to use it at every opportunity. Get the how-to right here. >>

Key organizer

With a simple design, this small organizational cabinet floats on a hidden French cleat and employs the same joinery used to build full sized cabinets. (David Kaleko/)
This one’s for the woodworkers out there. If you own a table saw and know how to use it, build your mom a key organizer that looks like it’s just floating on the wall. We can almost guarantee it’ll be a prominent feature in her entryway for years to come. Learn how with our step-by-step. >>

Lip balm

Behold: You're one step closer to the perfect winter pout. (Sandra Gutierrez/)
No one wants dry, cracked lips, so if you make this for your mom, make some for yourself, too. We’ll note that all the ingredients come in bulk, so you will likely have more lip balm than you can use in a lifetime. If you’re living with other people, all of you can give your moms the gift of healthy lips. Here’s everything you’ll need to know. >>

Wine rack

It looks good nearly empty, but it'll look even better full. (Mary Kearl/)
If your mom’s training to be a sommelier (in her own kitchen, of course), she’ll love this wall-mounted wine rack, especially if she’s a fan of a rustic aesthetic, upcycling, or reusing discarded materials. Best of all, you may be able to make it for free because wooden pallets are fairly easy to find. Just follow these directions. >>

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