Dead On Tools has come out with a new parachute-style tool and parts bag (model DO25001), and it looks to have been designed to fit inside a standard 5-gallon bucket.

The parachute tool and parts organizer features 6 interior compartments and 13 exterior pockets. As shown in the product imagery, it can fit quite a bit of tools and parts in these compartments.

There’s a top handle, for easy carrying, and a cinch strap to help close and contain the interior parts compartments.

Dead On says their parachute bag is made from heavy-duty canvas.

Price: $35.45 (as of the time of this posting)

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But, this is a very bad buy. Here’s why:

You can get the Bucket Boss brand parachute bag, model 25001, for less than half the price!

Price: $16.27 (as of the time of this posting)

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Dead On Tools has started promoting their parachute bag on social media, which is how I caught wind of it.

At first glance, I thought that the Dead On Tools parachute bag was similar to the Bucket Boss but with better colors. Okay, cool, Dead On Tools simply gave the Bucket Boss parachute bag a face lift. Wouldn’t you come to the same conclusion?

While the Bucket Boss has an inoffensive color scheme, I’d lean towards preferring the all-black canvas of the Dead On tool and parts bag, skull graphic notwithstanding.

But then, as I was working up a quick post, I was shocked at the price.

$35 (and change) for a parachute bag?

I bought my Bucket Boss parachute bag for $14 around 14 years ago. It hasn’t seen a lot of use, but it’s a neat concept that comes in handy on occasion, and stores flat when it’s not needed.

The Dead On Tools parachute bag looks to have some webbing material lining the top of the exterior tool pockets. But is that worth DOUBLE the price of the Bucket Boss? I don’t think so.

The features are the same – 6 interior and 13 exterior pockets, and the construction seems to be largely the same.

So what are you paying double the price for – the Dead On Tools branding, skull logo, and just a little extra webbing to line the exterior pockets?

Am I missing something here? Maybe there are other benefits or upgrades to warrant the higher price? That the model number is the same – 25001 – doesn’t exactly suggest there are notable differences.

If you ask me, the Bucket Boss is recommendable, but I’d steer clear of the Dead On Tools. I could understand the Dead On Tools version commanding a small premium over the Bucket Boss, but an extra ~$19 on top of the ~$16 for the Bucket Boss?

At $35, the Dead on Tools parachute bag is a BAD BUY, and I don’t think anyone would be able to convince me – or you – otherwise.

I’m sorry for being so blunt, but the Dead On Tools parachute bag seems like a huge rip-off. I’d buy the Bucket Boss – or anything else – instead!

Buy Now: Bucket Boss Bag via Amazon

Also See:

The Milwaukee parachute-style bag (49-17-0110) retails for $19.43 at Home Depot, and I’ve seen it for a little less at times elsewhere.

Would anyone here spend $16 more for the Dead On Tools parachute bag?

Compare: Milwaukee Bag via Home Depot

Milwaukee’s cinchable parts organizer is also priced at around $20.

Compare: Milwaukee Organizer via Acme Tools

Update: Here’s the Husky

Thanks to David for the heads-up on the Husky!

From the photos, this looks to be the same exact product as the Dead On parachute bag, but you save $20 going with the Husky brand over Dead On Tools.

Looks like a perfect match.

You can buy TWO Husky tool bags for less than the price of ONE Dead On Tools bag, and still have nearly $5 dollars left over to spend on something else.

Price: $15.43

Buy Now via Home Depot

Note: Tools and suppliers are never included with these bags.

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