18 Fresh Ideas for a New Use of the Old Crib

What do we do when our kids grow out of the beds? Most families stores the cribs in the attic, pass them on to other kids in extended family or simply throw away. And this could be a big mistake. There are many good reasons why you could keep it.

There are a few amazing things you can do if you transform an old bed into something functional. I have as many as 19 examples to convince you that the attic is the last place the piece should end.

#1 A living-room shelf

Simple, nice and functional. Though it might cost you a lot, the glass top is by all means worth it.

#2 A wall organizer

An organizer made of the side of the crib? Of course! Just take a look at how much it will help to keep things in order.

#3 Making your life easier everywhere

One side of the crib is enough. Other elements can be used somewhere else!

#4 Perhaps in the kitchen?

The side rails can work as a great kitchen organizer for pots, lids and spices.

#5 An instant china shelf

All you need to have one is the railing side of the crib (of appropriate shape of course) fixed vertically to the wall.

#6 Books and magazines organizer

An ideal solution for anyone who wants to store books and magazines having easy access to them.

#7 In fact you don’t even have to hang it

Hanging magazines on the wooden rails can’t be any easier.

#8 A mini cart

The recycling designs are not limited to interior design only. You can also design a fantastic cart, just perfect for summer picnics.

#9 Garden pergolas


After a really thorough transformation this crib became a garden pergola.

#10 All you need for your barbecue

Forget running there and back to bring all the products or accessories while you are having a barbecue. This garden cabinet is ultra-convenient and will definitely make the grilling art so much easier.

#11 A notice board in front of the entrance

#12 A bench?

Would you ever believe that a baby crib can be easily converted into a comfortable chair or a bench?

#13 Not to mention a swing…

A bit of paint, a few cushions, a few yards of rope and the swing is ready!

#14 Alternatively, you can use chains instead of ropes

#15 The bottom of the bed can be recycled as well

For example, it can work as an excellent décor of your kitchen ceiling.

#16 Don’t let your jewelry tangle anymore!

If you have a lot of jewelry, then you certainly know what I am talking about. How could we store it so that it never gets tangled? Just rock your brain a little and use the old crib’s bottom. A bit of spray paint and a stylish jewelry organizer is there for you

#17 There is something for potted plants, too

The bottom can also be used to hand pots of plants on it, which, as you can see in the image, looks great. This can totally change the image of your terrace, summer house or bower. You can also have one inside your house.

#18 Something for a teddy bear

When your kid is too big to sleep in the crib, you can turn it into a cozy reading corner. Doesn’t it look perfect?

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