15 Ideas How Old Object Can Get a New Life. Practical Solutions Only!

We simply love all the zero-waste inspirations. Whenever someone offers any kind of practical ways of recycling old items, I just grab them!

#1 Old hangers as organizers for kitchen towels and baking paper


They will no longer occupy the priceless drawer space.

#2 A wooden spatula in a completely new role


Running out of space to store kitchen utensils? You can always find a free inch of the kitchen wall and, using a wooden spatula, create a very interesting organizer. Such a simple and at the same time such an attractive kitchen accessory!

#3 This chest will come in handy, too!


The more organizers you can get, the better for your kitchen!


#4 Looking for something original? Make some lantern jars!



Small lamps, a bit of glitter and that’s it!

#5 Old bottles and cute vases in one



A stunning idea to recycle useless old bottles


#6 Every cup can be a great plant pot



It only takes some artistic skills and a little bit of gardening talent.


#7 Would you believe that graters can make wonderful lamps?



And this is what you call a design with soul!

#8 A DIY cake stand


Even a very simple cake will look aristocratic here.

#9 Perhaps the most original clock you have ever seen


A kitchen without a clock? You must be kidding!

#10 I just can’t take my eyes off them!



White always looks good!

#11 Seemingly useless old spoons were given a new life as kitchen cabinet handles



And this is what you call creativity!

#12 Glass candle holders with a touch of the sea


A memory from summer vacations…

#13 Chopping boards can be used as cutlery organizers


A perfect accessory for a rustic kitchen

#14 Something for Real fans of DIY

It does call for a bit of work, but the final effect is just…

#15 A bird feeder

All your flying guests will be in seventh heaven.

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