Women of Web3: Top women contributors tell us all we need to know about Web3

Web3 is the next internet revolution where every platform, organisation and digital economy is being decentralised. Women, often underrepresented in emerging industries, are leaping to the forefront in the Web3 space.

At e27, we are giving the spotlight to the women advocates of Web3 who are passionate about communities, narratives, and emerging technologies.

We celebrate the contributions of these female writers through our Contributor’s Programme as we aim to see many more female voices in the near future.

For better or for verse: Focus of 2022 is Web3 and Metaverse by Madhura Moulik

Of late, two terms that are generating a lot of hype and excitement in the world of business technology right now are Web3 and Metaverse. While they both point to a vision of a decentralised future of the internet, there is still a long winding road to their full development.

Madhura Moulik, CEO and Co-Founder at Skilfinity, a Singapore based full-service digital marketing and analytics business for creating brand narrations and personalised user experiences, in her article anticipates 2022 will be about brands taking a blazing leap headlong into digital transformation using tools of Web3 and Metaverse.

“A lot of Web3 and Meta plays are very much in the novelty zone with plenty of opportunities to harvest the crazy bounties. There is no doubt in my mind that your industry and your discipline will be re-engineered by blockchain and Web3”, she says.

How this startup is making NFTs more than a speculative investment and a status symbol by Alfreda Lee

NFTs, an asset that is completely unique and irreplaceable have taken the world by storm. Once a fringe movement associated with crypto, today, NFTs are a global innovation that everyone wants to get in on. So many are opting to learn how to invest in NFTs, and many even want to learn how to make an NFT of their own and mint it.

Alfreda Lee, Management Associate at Enterprise Singapore showers bright light on the hype surrounding NFTs and brings attention to a Singapore based startup. So-col, short for social collectibles, is on a mission to make NFTs useful for everyone by harnessing its technology to transform the creator economy.

How blockchain can enhance sustainability in fashion by Sarah Garner

Transparency and sustainability remain two of the largest topics within the global fashion industry today. However, thanks to the emergence of new technologies, like blockchain, retailers can improve supply chain traceability while offering more transparency into their manufacturing streams.

Sarah Garner is the founder and CEO of Retykle, a sustainable haven for fashion-conscious parents their little tykes. A vocal advocate for sustainable fashion, Garner’s Retykle marches with the mission to make trading high-quality pre-loved items as easy and convenient as buying new ones.

Resale and regeneration is a crucial part of facilitating the extension of a product’s lifespan, refuelling our nature’s ecosystem, and dramatically reducing carbon emissions. Since its founding in 2016, Retykle has recirculated more than 150,000 items of clothing to date, saving 407,100 lb of carbon and 313 million litres of water!

If all our waste can be repurposed then demand for virgin materials will be greatly reduced. Designing with the end in mind is the way forward for an industry in peril.

3 lessons I learned in my transition from VC firm to crypto company by Nat Wittayatanaseth

Nat Wittayatanaseth’s life centres on democratizing access to tools to help people improve their growth potential. She deeply believes that financial access and literacy is some of the best tools and leverage to improve one’s life.

After having ended her career as a venture capitalist to embark on a startup journey by joining an early-stage crypto company, reality hit her hard. For a startup to continue growing, it needs to continuously find and hit new product-market-fit for a new product, new business line, and new geography. Rapid growth means continuously finding growth drivers from existing products or new products, existing business lines or new business lines, existing geography or new geography.

At the end of the day, what keeps you going is your inkling of possibilities, an inkling that this may actually work, and you’re super excited about what could happen if it works.

Seriously! We need to talk about cryptocurrency responsibly by Deborah Tan Pink

The popularity of crypto continues apace with more everyday investors, many of them complete novices, enjoying the benefits and rewards. However, the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) has recently taken steps to discourage the advertising of digital payment tokens (DPT) trading in public areas, citing the “highly risky” nature of such activities. So how can crypto companies communicate about DPT trading in a responsible manner?

Deborah Tan Pink, Head of Communications at Revolut Singapore elaborately pens down what is it that makes it so “highly risky”? As the crypto industry matures and sheds its image as a collection of novelty investments, companies will have to arm their customers with the power to make the best decisions for their money through education and thought-leadership and find ways to make such content engaging across generations.

Top people to follow for developments in blockchain and crypto in 2022 by Mary Ritz Pay Seng

Social media has changed the way we function as a society, including the way we connect with one another. It is one of the most important aspects of digital marketing which provides incredible benefits by reaching millions of customers worldwide. They help you to connect with the customers, increase your brand awareness, and boost your leads and sales.

It isn’t enough for CEOs to show up in conferences, do interviews, and give talks, they now have to be present online. If not, they risk losing lucrative opportunities to not only promote their organisation but also share their breadth of industry knowledge. Fortunately, CEOs of blockchain and crypto communities are already ahead of this.

Mary Ritz Pay Seng, Senior Manager for Strategy and Performance at ADA takes us through an intriguing journey to take a look at some of the most active crypto CEOs on social media and how they’re spreading their influence in and outside the crypto community.

More than hype: 3 reasons why NFTs are here to stay by Soh Wan Wei

Soh Wan Wei, Founder of IKIGUIDE and Head of Ecosystem at Multiverse Labs, an open metaverse with a mission to empower promising individuals and groups to become leaders in new digital spaces, believes that NFTs are the key building blocks to the open metaverse.

In her piece, Wei writes about NFTs’ incredulous statistics and the reasons why NFTs are not just a temporary hype. “The key takeaway here is this; just because something isn’t widely understood, it doesn’t mean that it won’t last. In the fast-moving blockchain world, we really don’t know what we don’t know! So perhaps it might be wise to rethink that assumption,” she says.

How is NFT transforming the art world and empowering artists by Faye Yang

In the last couple of years, the influx of attention and investment in the NFT space has proven there is vast interest not just in digital art, but specifically in the unique value proposition of digital scarcity and verifiable ownership.

Faye Yang, the founder of Stealth Startup is a passionate advocate for the conduit between art and technology. Yang delves deeper into the realm of NFTs and gives us her views of how NFTs are transforming the art world and where it stands among the general mass.

Yang writes, “So how do we get the masses involved with art and truly democratise the industry? It likely isn’t with NFT, as crypto is hardly a mass-market product. But from NFT, we learnt that more people would be excited about art as an investment product. Money speaks louder, fact of life. Penny stocks have their places too.”

13 years on since the birth of Bitcoin, it’s now blockchain’s time to shine by Katherine Ng

It’s been 13 years since the birth of Bitcoin, the world’s most well-known cryptocurrency which jump-started the decentralised blockchain revolution, now underway across the globe. As they enter the mainstream, the growth potential they hold is enormous and bright.

What has spurred crypto’s mainstream recognition? With blockchain having cemented its place in our digital future, what can we expect to see as we take stock of how far it has come in 13 years? Katherine Ng, the Head of APAC Marketing for TZ APAC, the leading Asia-based blockchain adoption entity supporting the Tezos ecosystem answers our concerning questions in her article.

The Shark Tank of Web3: How this DAO is bridging the funding gap for women founders by Maddy Bergen

“The funding gap between male and female-led ventures worldwide is still far from close to being equal. While women have proven their ability to become successful in business, they are still forced to face hurdles such as societal expectations and lack of representation, capital, and support, resulting in fewer entry points for women to break through into strong business networking opportunities.”

Being a VC Analyst, Maddy Bergen realised the underrepresentation of female entrepreneurs and felt inspired to do something about it, which is how Angel Alliance was formed. Angel Alliance is a Web3 initiative empowering female entrepreneurs by providing them with grants, exclusive access to resources to scale their businesses, and connecting female founders. Bergen is the CEO and Co-Founder of Angel Alliance.

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