Toothbrush Painting for Toddlers

Toothbrush painting for toddlers is a wonderfully open-ended art activity for toddlers and uses basic items that are found in your home.

toothbrush painting

Toddlers do not need expensive art supplies to express their creativity. The simplest household items can be used to create a fun and unique art experience that toddlers will love. Old toothbrushes are easy for toddlers to hold and can be a great alternative to paintbrushes. Toddlers will develop their fine motor skills and have a great time with this open-ended art activity.

Toothbrush Painting for Toddlers

Toothbrush Art Supplies Needed

  • Old Toothbrushes – These can be cleaned by placing them on the top rack of the dishwasher.
  • Construction Paper Paint – Be sure to use washable, non-toxic paint
  • Paper Plate

Activity Preparation

Toddlers enjoy art much more when they don’t have to worry about getting into trouble for making a mess. A little advanced planning can help prevent any hurt feelings and help your toddler to feel good about his art experience.

If you have the space to designate an art area for your toddler, it will make it easier to create great art experiences. If you cannot designate a separate space for art projects, cover a table with an old sheet or plastic table cloth. Don’t forget to cover your chair and floor if you are concerned about spills. In nice weather, you can spread an old sheet on the ground outside.

toothbrush painting

Toddler Art Activity Instructions

Squirt a small amount of paint on a paper plate. You can offer several colors to your toddler. Give your toddler a piece of construction paper and an old toothbrush. Show your toddler how to dip the toothbrush into the paint and brush it on his paper to create fun designs.

Use adult toothbrushes and child-sized toothbrushes to create different sized lines.

Alternative Activities

Mixing Colors – Give your toddler a selection of primary colors and let him experiment to see what happens if he mixes different color combinations together.

ABC Art – Use a pencil to draw large alphabet letters on your toddler’s paper. Have your toddler use the toothbrush to paint the over the top of the letter. This is a great activity to help your toddler learn to recognize the letters of the alphabet. Tell your toddler the name of the letter as you write it and ask him to practice saying the letter as he paints over it.

Name Practice – Use a pencil to write your toddler’s name on the paper and have him practice painting over the letters. Have your toddler use the toothbrush to try and paint the letters in his name on his own.

Toddler Art Cleanup

If you used good quality washable paint, any paint that got on your toddler’s skin or clothes should wash right out. Rinse the paint off the toothbrushes and allow them to air dry. If you want to save the toothbrushes for another art project, store them in a plastic bag or plastic container.

Don’t forget to display your toddler’s artwork in a visible place so that he knows you are proud of him. Avoid asking your toddler what his picture is. Instead ask him to tell you about his picture. This will prevent him from thinking that you didn’t recognize what he painted and help with his language development.

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