Too Many Watches and Not Enough Arms: The Slickest Men’s Sport Watches

Everyone has a “dress watch.” That’s the one you wear for important business meetings, first dates and various special occasions. What do you use the rest of the time? True, you can use your smartphone for lots of things, but a sports watch can do everything from upping your golf game and becoming your running coach, to keeping you abreast of the latest social media posts.

A men’s sport watch is a men’s watch that can be immersed in water, has a stopwatch feature and an alarm. But, some definitions state that a sports watch should be used only when boating, participating in special ops, or mountaineering. Another definition is that the best sports watch is merely a casually styled men’s watch in bright colors. The one thing that the best sport watches have in common is that the face should be highly legible. If you’re climbing a mountain or riding a wave, you need to see the important stuff.

Types of sport watches

Smartwatches are often classified as a men’s sport watches as they can track steps, workouts and can do everything from showing tide tables, navigating golf courses and helping you watch calories. Smartwatches are the best sport watches for guys who feel that the gym is their church.

Chronographs are men’s sport watches that have a stopwatch function or feature. Chronograph watches Can have up to three buttons, one for start, stop and reset.

Chronometers should not be mixed up with chronographs. Chronometers are designed to keep accurate time no matter the outside influences (barometric pressure, temperature, weather, etc.,). True chronometers are certified from the CSOC (Contrôle Officiel Suisse de Chronomètres), and they go through rigorous testing. A chronometer will have the certification printed on the dial.

Polo Watches were created so that the polo players could wear the dial reversed while playing. Doing so prevents damage to the crystal. Polo watches are the only men’s sport watch that can also be worn as a men’s dress watch.

Dive Watches are made for underwater submersion up to 100mm. The face must be visible and easy to read in the total darkness. They must be resistant to chemical, magnetic and shock. True dive watches are certified via the guidelines of the International Organization for Standardization. Luminox is the divers watch of choice for the NAVY SEALS.

The best sport watches for men are the sport watches that fit your lifestyle and style. Scroll on through to find the perfect sports watch or watches for your next adventure.


1. Ironman Transit 40mm Full-Size FAST WRAP Watch 


Timex makes solid, durable watches. Need a watch that will keep track of your times and wake you up in the morning? The reasonably priced Ironman Transit will suit your needs. It’s a digital chronograph that’s 40mm, and it’s water immersible to 100 meters. It has a  light-up dial, countdown timer, alarm, stopwatch with a 10 lap memory. The nylon band has a hook and loop fastening AKA the fast wrap.

Timex black and grey Ironman watch

2. Luminox Bear Grylls Survival Land Series – 3782 


Based in California, Luminox watches are as tough as Bear Grylls, probably one of the reasons the two collaborated for the Bear Grylls limited Survival Collection, limited edition watches for the sea, land and master. The land series 3782 is a 45mm chronograph, Swiss made, and its constant glow lasts for 25 years. Water-resistant up to 200 meters, it has a rubber bracelet band with a compass loop (which can be detached from the watch) so you’ll never get lost. Made from carbonox and steel, the back of the watch is emblazoned with the phrase, “Never Give Up.” Luminox is donating 10% of every watch sale to Direct Relief.

Luminox Bear Grylls limited edition sports watch

3. Nixon Base Tide Pro Watch


Pre-programmed tide info for 550 beaches means that you’ll always know when and where you can catch waves. The Nixon Base Tide Pro with its fiber-enforced polycarbonate case also lets you know sunrise and sunsets across the globe and is water-resistant to 100 meters. Super water-resistant, this digital chronograph or minicomputer has three alarms, backlight and patented Locking Looper. That enables you to switch from a digital watch face to tide graphs. This watch comes in eight other colors.

Nixon blue smartwatch that tells tides

4. Casio Men’s G Shock Quartz Watch with Resin Strap


In 1983 the G Shock watch debuted in Japan. Billed as a watch that never breaks, it has gone from iteration to iteration, never losing its toughness or reputation. This very affordable digital chronometer is resistant to everything and can be submerged to 200 meters. Can’t wake up? Use all five alarms and ignore the snooze button. It has a full auto-calendar and an hourly time signal. The case diameter is 50.7mm.

Casio blue g shock quartz watch Buy: Casio Men's G Shock Quartz Watch with Resin Strap, Multi, 28.8 (Model: GA-100L-2ACR) $99.00

5. PUMA Men’s Quartz Watch with Plastic Strap


Go ahead and take a dip with this Puma watch, it can take a lap or two as it’s water-resistant to 50m. The 43mm case has a three-hand analog display. Looking for a weekend watch that looks good? The Puma men’s watch has a polycarbonate case with a polyurethane band, so it’s pretty strong too.

Puma blue men's quartz watch Buy: PUMA Men's Quartz Watch with Plastic Strap, Blue, 20 (Model: P5034) $37.50

6. Garmin Forerunner 45 Black Silicone Strap Smart Watch 42mm


Watch or tiny laptop? You decide. The Garmin Forerunner has a 42mm case and is compatible with Android and iOS. This scary smart watch can keep track of your heart rate, steps, wellbeing and even play music from Spotify! Wait there’s more. Get smart notifications, and monitor your runs. It also has GPS tracking and is lightweight.

Garmin black forerunner 45 smart watch

7. Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2 (44mm), (Golf Edition)


Could the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2 be the best sports watch for men? If you’re a golfer, it might be. Well, it’s a smartwatch that has over 40,000 (!) courses downloaded inside its 44m size case for one. The Real-Time Caddie app (that you download into your phone) has all those courses, satellite views and real-time data too. It’s also a coach that can help you play through. Oh, and it tracks your workouts, can monitor heart health, stress and sleep. The lightweight watch has a multicolor display, GPS and of course is Bluetooth enabled as well as iOS and Android compatible.

best sport watches

8. Citizen Promaster Aqualand


The first Citizen Promaster Aqualand was created back in 1985. For over 30 years, divers have relied on Citizen’s Aqualand watches for their undersea adventures. This timepiece is ISO compliant, has maximum depth memory, a rapid ascent alarm, auto-dive mode and is powered by the brand’s famous eco-light technology. You’ll also never need a battery as this watch is solar-powered. The case is 46mm, and is suitable for scuba diving, as it can go to 200 meters. And it’s really snazzy looking, too.

Citizen promaster aqualand blue and white diver watch

9. Nautica Wakeland  Watch


Nautica’s Wakeland watch has a ribbon band, luminescent hands, a 40mm case, and its style is reminiscent of boating clubs, flags and summer breezes. This casual watch can be worn on a boat or in the water, as its water-resistant to 50 meters. Just don’t wear it for diving or snorkeling.

Nautica lakeland watch blue and orange striped band

10. Nixon Sentry Chrono Watch


This sexy looking chronograph also comes in six different colorways. Nixon started out back in 1997 Cali, and the watches were an immediate hit with boarders (skate, surf, and snow). Their brand is luxurious-looking watches that are dependable and well-priced, which is why they’re on the list twice. Their chronograph has a date and 24-hour display, seconds track on a 42mm steel case. It’s water-resistant to 100 meters.

Nixon black and gold chronograph watch

11. Apple Watch Nike


Apple and Nike’s watch has a gyroscope, GPS, optical and electrical heart sensor, a built-in compass, cellular connectivity, and has a pre-downloaded Nike+Run App. That app lets you track your runs, has guided running workouts, custom coaching with a soundtrack and more. The watch comes in a 40 and 44mm case size.

Nike Apple Smart Watch for Runners

12. Frederique Constant Horological Smartwatch Mens Fitness Watch


Frederique Constant creates affordable luxury watches like this Swiss made one. It offers cloud back-up and restore so that you will never lose any of your data. It has an activity tracker, sleep tracker, smart sleep alarms, heck there’s even an alarm to remind you to move and be more active. The 42mm case has a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal. It has a Swiss quartz movement, is water-resistant to 50 meters, and the date display is on the subdial. The strap is brown crocodile calf.

Frederique Constant horological gold and white smart watch

13. Piaget Polo Watch


The polo watch is elegant both on and off the field. Piaget’s watches are works of art for the wrist. This polo watch is Swiss automatic movement, has a steel case and a green guilloche dial and rose gold hands enhanced with Superluminova. The case is 42mm, has a sapphire case back, and is water-resistant to 100 mm, so you can splash in a pool with it on.

Piaget polo watch green face steel body

14. iTouch Men’s Air Special Edition Smartwatch


This smartwatch does (almost) everything. Compatible with Android and iOS, this smartwatch has a heartrate monitor, blood oxygen level monitor, step tracker, calorie counter, sleep monitor and can track your workouts that range from walking and badminton to climbing and five other sports. Oh, and you can receive calls, texts and get the latest social media posts. It has a scratch-resistant LED screen, and you can even check the weather. It also comes in six colorways. Seriously, it has so many things you can do with it, you may toss your tablet away.

itouch wearable watch in blue

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