This Beautiful Aquarium Is Actually Made Entirely From Yarn

Crocheting seems to have become a hot topic during this pandemic, considering most of us are stuck home with not much to do. And that’s totally understandable since focusing on such an activity not only gives us something to focus on, but also can yield very satisfying results!

The Italian artist behind Lindali Creations recently shared a stunning, colorful aquarium that she made entirely out of yarn. The glass container is filled with beautifully detailed sea animals and plants that the artist crocheted.

Throughout the month of April, Lindali posted numerous updates showing how she slowly filled the tank with crochet pieces, one at a time. The artist not only showed her progress, she also attached the patterns she used so anyone who wants to try their hand at making any of the pieces can do so. And if you’re not that handy or find crochet patterns confusing, fear not! Lindali sells some of her art online here. Lindali’s store mostly features items she made before the aquarium project, like an adorable Frida Kahlo keychain and a cactus composition.

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Lindali slowly filled the aquarium over time, making sure every piece was meticulously done

You can see just how detailed the aquarium is in the video below

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