Self-Isolation Day #34

Easter Thursday, Self-Isolation Day #34

We appreciate continued prayers for my husband's mother D. who was on a ventilator in ICU with confirmed COVID-19 for 16 days and is now starting what is a serious and challenging rehabilitation. 

Months ago, I had signed up the two girls for a three-hour class in Botanical Drawing at the UNC Botanical Gardens. I was pleased when it was announced a couple of weeks ago that the class would continue via a Zoom meeting. The instructor even mailed each participant the art supplies. We collected the list of specimens from our property.

John also played around today with his photography in the garden: so beautiful!

Credit: JFL

Credit: JFL

It was a day of math, music practice, organizing the garage, hunting down all the poison ivy in our back yard in order to eradicate it, playing board games, and drinking Easter octave milkshakes. 
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