Maintaining momentum during lockdown

Maintaining momentum during lockdown
Global society has been transformed in ways not seen for generations. We are all facing massive challenges in terms of…
  • “What will happen to the children in our care?”
  • “Where and how will they learn during school closures?”

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Meanwhile, in other parts of the world, something similar was happening. The HundrED community were keen to find ways to share innovations that enable us to learn at home. Participation in HundrED webinars over the past few weeks has been both provocative and reassuring. The HundrED platform brings together an eclectic mix of individuals and organisations with one common purpose - to help improve education outcomes for all children. This month’s webinar featured Andreas Schleicher from the OECD, who talked about the need for entrepreneurial teachers as well as the need to build meaningful parent-teacher-student relationships. Watch the webinar video here.

So which innovations are highlighted in HundrED’s ‘Quality Education for All During Covid-19’ spotlight? Click here to be inspired and then share with your circles of friends, families and organisations. Here in the UK, many people - some literally - have been falling over themselves in praise for Joe Wicks and his daily HIIT workouts. To me, it’s more Physical Training (PT) than Physical Education (PE). However, Joe is certainly challenging sedentary lifestyles and that has to be a good thing. Teachers don’t have the branding that Joe has, but they have been just as eager - and energetic - in sharing ideas via various social media platforms.

I have been particularly impressed by the #ThisIsPE content created by Yorkshire Sport Foundation - with the support of others. Such ideas certainly increase Moderate to Vigorous Physical Activity (MVPA) levels. However, I would like to see slower movement too - better still linked to learning. Approaches of Slow to Moderate Physical Activity (SMPA) levels can be found in Juliet Robertson’s carefully curated nature-based ideas from around the world. Here, the movement is connected with learning outdoors, which impacts further on our emotional and spiritual well-being.

Whilst on my ‘prescribed walks/runs/cycles’ round the local area, I have often stopped to admire the art chalked onto pavements and walls by children and their families. In the woods, people have taken to hanging mini-installations amongst the branches. Such messages of gratitude to the NHS certainly make you stop and reflect. Slowing down over the past month has had a profound effect on many. Personally speaking, it has allowed me opportunities to develop the art of noticing. 

To me, creativity is just as important as being physically active - the two go hand in hand. With this in mind, here’s a simple activity - an opportunity to be ‘creative’. There’s no running around involved - more like walking with purpose.



On the subject of taking life at a more gentle pace, some wise words from Ian Holmes, Headteacher at Thorner Primary School and co-director of Move & Learn CIC:

“In amongst the deluge of distance learning opportunities, please be mindful – we are in danger of information overload for home learning options. The most important thing is we see these times as an opportunity to spend time with our children and learn in a different way.”

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