Cubism Art Project for Kids

If you are searching for unique art projects for your student(s), we’ve got a creative cubism art project for kids! Don’t let the art term fool you into thinking it’s hard! With our easy step by step instructions along with video tutorial, it’s well worth the time.

What is Cubism Art?

What is cubism art? The cubism style of painting was developed in the early 1900’s. Many artists put together a variety of objects or figures, which resulted in paintings appearing fragmented and abstracted. You may have heard of some of these famous artists including Pablo Picasso and George Braque.

Why is it called Cubism?

The cubism term was used and seemed appropriate due to the objects in the art — they looked like cubes or geometrical shapes.

Whether you are looking for oil pastel art for kids or geometric art type projects, this activity is perfect for introducing the beautiful creations of art.

Cubism Art Project Materials

Giraffe Cubism Art Instructions

  1. Print out Cubism Art with Giraffe Blank Template.
  2. Using a ruler, draw several diagonal lines across the template. See video for visual.

3. Beginning with the top, begin to outline the ears with an orange pastel crayon.

4. Using a Q-Tip, fill in the remaining white space with the chosen pastel color.

5. Continue to follow the pattern shown on video to determine appropriate colors for each section of the giraffe.

6. Using various shades of yellow, red, brown, green, blue and purple, continue to use the correct pastel colors along with outlining and filling in remaining white space with Q-Tips.

7. Work your way down the art canvas until complete.

8. Getting close to the end! Grab a light green and dark green pastel to wrap up the gorgeous Cubism creation.

9. As you wrap up and finish the pastel colors, glue it onto black cardstock paper or construction paper to display or give as a gift!

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