12 Best Speakeasies in Paris

When we travel around the world, one of the coolest Adventure Activities and Experiences, we love is finding a local speakeasy! Perhaps this is because of Darcee’s love for the roaring 1920’s or Eric’s love of cocktails, but there is something cool about finding a secret entrance to a hidden bar!

But what is a Speakeasy?

Back in January of 1920, the United States underwent a major change known as Prohibition. Now, suddenly, drinking alcohol became illegal. No longer could you walk down to your local bar and purchase a cocktail or a beer. But the result of Prohibition led to a major creation, the Speakeasy.  Also called a blind pig or blind tiger, hidden spots to get a drink suddenly popped up where you would have to have a secret password to gain entry. On top of that, major crime organizations led by Al Capone in Chicago or Sherman Billingsley in New York City opened up secret bars to entertain their guests.

But all of the changes of Prohibition in the United States, never really hit Europe. That was until recently where major cities in Europe fell in love with the idea of these secret bars. This can especially be seen in Paris where you can now find unbelievable cocktails at secret bars hiding behind unassuming doors.

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1) Le Syndicat

Le Syndicat is a true speakeasy in every sense of the word. Now considered, one of the best speakeasies in Paris, when you enter, you are greeted with it’s intimate and modern decor. But it is the classic drink list with a strong emphasis on French spirits and liquors that will truly amaze you.

What to drink

If you are looking to explore all things French, then cognac is a must to try here at Le Syndicat. But, their menu also includes variations on the French classics like a Raspberry Negroni or the Calvados based C4 Cocktail.

How to Find Le Syndicat Speakeasy in Paris

Easily accessible by the Château d’Eau Metro Station, Le Syndicat, is at 51 Rue Faubourg Saint-Denis. Head down this street to the rundown storefront that is plastered with old posters where you will be greeted by a doorman who will grant you entry. Le Syndicat is open daily from 6pm-2am and opens at 7pm on Sunday.

To Learn more visit their website: www.SyndicatCocktailClub.com

2) The Lavomatic

Does doing the laundry make you want to drink? Well, you are in luck because the Lavomatic is not only one of Paris’ best speakeasies but also a working laundromat! But you won’t want to wash your clothes as you make your way into this hidden bar. In fact, you will feel like you are entering into a whimsical pop art deco world created by Andy Warhol for the Stepford wives. Make sure you find a seat on one of the Brillo Soap boxes or spend the night on one of their tree swings.

What to drink

Though stocked with typical beers and wines, it is in fact, mixed cocktails that are the specialty of the Lavomatic speakeasy. Perhaps start off with a tequila based Green Lantern or if you love a good Bloody Mary, order The Healthy Mary Detox which mixes in Laphroaig whisky and vodka.

How to Find Le Lavomatic Speakeasy in Paris

Located by the Renaissance Paris Republique hotel, Le Lavomatic, is at 30 Rue René Boulanger, near the Republique Metro station. When you arrive at the laundromat, you will first be greeted by a bouncer. Then, once inside the laundromat, find the rightmost washing machine and press the start cycle button to open up the secret doorway behind the machine. You will then head down an old spiral staircase until you reach the hidden bar below. Le Lavomatic is open Tuesday through Saturday from 6pm-2am.

To Learn more visit their website: www.Lavomatic.paris

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3) Candelaria

If you love tacos make sure you bookmark Candelaria as it has perhaps considered one of the best taco restaurants in all of Paris! But please don’t let the tacos or the size of this hidden bar stop you from discovering one of the best speakeasies in Paris. When you finally find this secret bar, it wont take long to realize why Candelaria wins countless mixology awards.

What to drink

When at a Mexican restaurant, it is no shocker to see an agave focused cocktail menu. So definitely get ready for several Mezcal or Tequila based drinks like classic margaritas. Or if you need a little spice in your night, order their Mexican beer based Michelada or their signature spicy tequila cocktail, La Guêpe Verte.

How to Find the Candelaria Speakeasy in Paris

Located by the Filles du Calvaire ou République metro station, the Candelaria is at 52 Rue de Saintonge. When you arrive at the taqueria, if you can make it past the tacos, then head to the back. In the back of the restaurant, you will find a secret doorway that leads through a curtain to small hidden bar.  The Candelaria Speakeasy is open everyday at 12 noon until 2am everyday but you may have to make a reservation to get into the bar due to it’s size. Also, fair warning, that Tuesday is Taco Tuesday so wear your stretchy pants!

To Learn more visit their website: www.Quixotic-Projects.com/Candelaria

4) The Moonshiner

If you are looking for a prohibition style speakeasy bar filled with not only great cocktails but amazing music similar to to the Cotton Club or the Stork Club in New York City then The Moonshiner. Hidden out of sight within the functioning Da Vito Pizza Restaurant, the hidden bar immediately transports you back to the 1920s as jazz and blues music plays live or from their gramophone. But don’t forget the amazing pizza either before or after cocktail hour!

What to drink

They have a great selection of cocktails but with over 83 whiskies listed on their menu, you may want to sip a dram or two. But if you are adventurous, try one of their traditional recipes mixed with a modern twist or test out their seasonal punch! Perhaps, their most popular signature drink is the Smokey Island which blends old Havana cuban rum with vodka, and gin.

How to Find the Moonshiner Speakeasy in Paris

The Moonshiner can be found in the back of Da Vito Pizzeria at 5 Rue Sedaine, near the Bréguet-Sabin ou Bastille Metro station. When you arrive at Da Vito, head to the back of the restaurant to the metallic fridges. When you find the right fridge door to enter and walk through the dark passageway to the hidden bar in the back. Be warned, it is told to be cold in this Paris Speakeasy, so bring a sweater. The Moonshiner is open daily from 6pm-2am.

To Learn more visit their website: www.Facebook.com/Moonshiner-390791131035525

5) La Mezcaleria

So apparently Mezcal is a popular spirit in speakeasy bars in Paris. So, if this is your spirit of choice, then you will definitely want to add La Mezcaleria to your Paris speakeasy bucket list! Hidden behind the kitchen of Hotel 1K’s Peruvian Restaurant Inka, La Mezcaleria has an amazing decor. But make sure to head there on a clear night to stare at the stars from their large glass roof.

What to drink

Order a flight of Mezcal! Seriously, this bar a mezcal lover’s heaven. If sipping tequila’s smoky cousin is a bit much for you, try their various mezcal variations on classic cocktails. There are tons to choose off of their signature DYKIL menu like the Ortega Sister which combines Mezcal with Gin & Violet Liquer with grapefruit juice for a seductive cocktail.

How to Find La Mezcaleria Speakeasy in Paris

Hidden behind Restaurant Inka within the Hotel 1K Paris, La Mezcaleria, is at 13 Boulevard du Temple, near either the Filles du Calvaire or Oberkampf Metro stations. When you arrive at the hotel, head into Restaurant Inka and head to the back.  You will then walk through the kitchen until you reach secret door to enter speakeasy bar. La Mezcaleria is open Tuesday through Sunday from 6pm-12am.

To Learn more visit their website: www.Facebook.com/LaMezcaleriaParis

6) Little Red Door

The Little Red Door might very well be the absolute best of all the speakeasies in Paris. This is because for over the past few years, it has consistently ranked in the upper tier of the official list of the World’s Best Bars. But don’t think that has gone to their head because even though their cocktail skills are amazing, they has still worked to maintain a relaxed, unpretentious, true speakeasy feel.

What to drink

Get ready to build something because all of the cocktails on the menu are inspired by different architectural periods throughout history. But if you don’t know what to order off of their impressive menu, then ask. The bartenders at the Little Red Door are renown for their great knowledge of cocktails and are actually pretty good about helping you find a perfect drink based on your tastes. Just be respectful and understanding if they are slammed!

How to Find the Little Red Door Speakeasy in Paris

The Little Red Door is located at 60 rue Charlot near the Filles du Calvaire Metro station. In reality, it really isn’t hard to find at all. Just walk down rue Charlot until you literally see a little red door and enter. With that said, being one of the best speakeasies in Paris and even the world, you may consider getting their early so you don’t have to wait in line. The Little Red Door Speakeasy is open daily from 6pm-2am.

To Learn more visit their website: www.LrdParis.com

7) Le Fitzgerald

If you are looking to be transported back in time then the Fitzgerald Speakeasy in the 7th arrondissement of Paris will send you back. However, it may only send you back to the quirky 1950s with it’s pink flamingo wallpaper and crushed velvet booths. But don’t let this fun choice of decor deceive you, as their cocktails and small plates are truly amazing.

What to drink

The speakeasy is famous for the Zelda Martini which mixes Vodka and St Germain or it’s namesake Fitzgerald cocktail which blends Gin with a Rosemary liqueur with a Verjus blend. But there is also has an extensive wine and champagne menu to fit anyone’s tastes.

How to Find the Fitzgerald Speakeasy in Paris

Located by the La Tour-Maubourg Metro station , the Fitzgerald can be found at 54 Boulevard de la Tour-Maubourg. When you arrive, walk through the restaurant and push the unmarked padded blue door to enter the secret bar. Le Fitzgerald is open Tuesday through Saturday from 6pm-2am.

To Learn more visit their website: www.Fitzgerald.paris

8) Baranaan

When it comes to cool interior look, perhaps Baranaan is the coolest looking Speakeasy in Paris, especially if you like trains! This is because the entire hidden bar is built to look like the inside of a passenger train car with the windows showing images of a countryside zipping alongside. But don’t let the scenery distract you from the amazing herbal cocktails and fresh baked naan or hot samosas.

What to drink

The bar specializes in fun herbal cocktails with an Indian twist. But their menu can change often. However, if possible, make sure you try their signature Tajma ­cocktail which they mix four rums with pineapple juice and then serve it in a fresh coconut.

How to Find the Baranaan Speakeasy in Paris

Baranaan is at 7 rue du Faubourg Saint-Martin, near the Strasbourg-Saint-Denis Metro station. When you arrive at enter what looks like an Indian food dive restaurant. Once inside are you directed to a back door which opens up into the bar where you will board the train. Baranaan is open Tuesday through Sunday from 6:30pm-2am.

To Learn more visit their website: www.Baranaan.com

9) Bar L’Epicier

Run by the same team that created Lavomatic, I guess after doing your laundry, head over to make some groceries at Bar L’Épicier. In case your french is a little rusty, épicierie actually translates to grocery store. But don’t let the novelty of the outside grocery store stop you from discovering it’s cool Moroccan interior.

What to drink

Like the Lavomatic, you will find a typical menu of beer, wines, and classic cocktails at L’Épicier. But make sure to try some of their signature cocktails based on mint tea and other oriental spices.

How to Find L’Épicier Speakeasy in Paris

L’Épicier, is at 24 Rue de Notre Dame de Nazereth, near the Republique Metro station. When you arrive at the mini grocery store, you will first be greeted by a “store clerk”. Then, once inside the grocery, either offer the store clerk your passcode or find couscous box and move it to open up the secret doorway behind the wall of food. L’Épicier is open Tuesday through Saturday from 6pm-2am.

To Learn more visit their website: www.Lepicier.paris

10) No Entry

Hidden behind the cold store room door of the Pink Mamma Italian restaurant, No Entry is an ultra cozy secret cocktail bar in Paris. When you find this Paris Speakeasy, you will be greeted by more than 3,000 homemade liters of infused alcohol in tall, clear jars lining the walls.

What to drink

On top of the plethora of mixes and infusions, No Entry, specializes in creating fun Italian twists on classic cocktails. For example, they add real Italian Olive Oil to make dirty martinis or add balsamic vinegar to a traditional Chimist Spritz. However, it their unique creations aren’t your “tazza di tè” then dive into some amazing traditional Italian liqueurs like Amaretto, Amaro, or Limencello.

How to Find the No Entry Speakeasy in Paris

Located a short walk from the main Pigalle strip, No Entry is at 20 bis Rue de Douai, near the Blanche Metro station. When you arrive at Pink Mamma’s, make your way to the back of the restaurant. Here look for the cold-store door where you’ll enter and then walk down stairwell to the secret bar. No Entry is open Tuesday through Saturday from 7pm-1am.

To Learn more visit their website: www.BigMammaGroup.com/en/bars/bar-no-entry

11) Gentlemen 1919

If you are anything like Eric, then Gentlemen 1919, is a true bucket list worthy destination. This is because it combines all the classic elements of a true gentleman: a clean look, a good cigar, and a fine cocktail. At first glance, Gentlemen 1919 looks like a traditional barber shop offering a hair cut or a hot towel shave. But, every gentleman knows that there is always more than meets the eye!

What to drink

Whether you come for a shave or a haircut, be prepared to be offered a scotch and a cigar. But as you disappear into the hidden bar in the back, a full bar will offer far more. Here you can find traditional menu of mixed cocktails, rich ports, and a vast selection of Rums or Whiskies to partner with your cigar. But if you have a chance, try their signature Gentleman 1919 cocktail. This gem blends whiskey, Mozart chocolate liquor, and Chambord for a dessert like finish to your visit.

How to Find the Gentlemen 1919 Speakeasy in Paris

The Gentlemen1919 is located at 11 rue Jean Mermoz, near the Saint-Philippe du-Roule Metro station. Unlike the others though on this list, this is not a true Speakeasy that you have to find. Walk-ins are welcome for the bar, however it is strongly recommended that you make a reservation, especially if you would also like a shave or haircut. Also, women are welcome into the cigar lounge and bar. The Gentlemen 1919 is open Tuesday through Friday from 11am-10pm and on Saturday from 11am-7pm.

To Learn more visit their website: www.Gentlemen1919.com

12) The Library Bar at the Saint James Hotel

Past the Arc de Triomphe and Palais Galliera, west of the city you will find the Library Bar at the Saint James Hotel. Though considered a secret bar in Paris, the Library Bar is only hidden due to the fact that many never visit this beautiful landmark in the city. But for those who do, you will find 12,000 old books lining the wood-panelled walls of this 19th century library bar.

What to drink

In typical fashion, this hotel bar maintains the classics along with a great wine and beer selection. However, they are working on creating more signature creations so be sure to ask the bartender what they can recommed.

How to Find the hidden Library Bar in Paris

Located within the Saint James hotel, the Library Bar is at 5 Place du Chancelier Adenauer, near the Victor Hugo Metro station. This too is not a true speakeasy but rather a hidden bar in Paris. Therefore, during the day, it’s access is restricted to members of the exclusive Saint James Club and hotel guests. However, it does open to the public daily from 7:00pm to 1:00am

To Learn more visit their website: www.Saint-James-Paris.com

So there you have it, the best Speakeasies in Paris…and more importantly, how to find them. Have you ever found one of these 12 secret bars when you were in Paris? What did you drink? Was it hard to find? Or do you think we’ve missed a great Parisian speakeasy bar? Let us know in the comments.

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